Wednesday 24 March 2021


at good enough scientific practice in R

more failures than success

For every \(\varphi\) successes, there are \(\theta\) failures.

Proportion of success

\[ \frac{\varphi}{\varphi + \theta} \]

All trials

\[ \varphi + \theta \]

We often think of science as a function of success

\[ \varphi \sim \text{Binomial}\left( \varphi + \theta,\, \frac{\varphi}{\varphi + \theta}\right) \]

today, let’s talk about \(\theta\)

standard structure

phd in statistical science

\(\color{darkgreen}{\text{mathematics}}\) \(\to\)

code \(\to\)

paper \(\to\)


failing at all the things

the nature of interdisciplinary research

\(\color{darkred}{\times}\) mathematics \(\not\to\)

\(\color{darkred}{\times}\) code \(\not\to\)

\(\color{darkred}{\times}\) paper \(\not\to\)

\(\color{darkred}{\times}\) tool

Good enough scientific programming

failing is the best we can do

at reproducible science